Kenon Valinquint
Biographical Information
Homeworld Dyre
Region Ceida State
Born November 02, 2398
Species Drahkori
Gender Male
Sexuality Asexual
Physical Information
Height 9'0"
Weight 320lbs
Eye Color Blue
Political and Combat Information
Affiliation Drocain Royal Empire, later United Nations Planetary Defense
Rank Tyro
Equipment • Repeater

• Energy Blades

• Dart Rifle

• Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade

• Hardened Crytal Grenade

• Drahkori Combat Harness

• Blood Transference System

Kenon Valinquint (Kenan Vah-lin-kwint) is a highly talented graduate of Ceida State's Academy of Battle, best known for his skills in archery and swordsmanship. After he is wrongly shamed before the residents of his home state, Kenon goes on to become the very first Drahkori warrior in the Drocain Royal Empire.

Family & RelationshipEdit

  • Mother: Khae Valinquint
  • Father:  Imir Valinquint


Early lifeEdit

2398 - 2433

Kenon was born and raised in the quiet of Ceida State by parents Khae and Imir Valinquint. As a result of a peculiar condition discovered at birth, he was surgically fitted with a blood transference system carefully crafted by the High Council. Created from pieces of the old technology, the system was not without its flaws and required many refittings as he grew older, forcing him to endure many hours of physical therapy for the next thirteen years of his life.

At the age of fifteen, Kenon's father encouraged him to apply to Ceida State's Academy of Battle, and within two months time, he received notification of his acceptance into the late season semester. In preparation for this, Imir took him aside and trained him one-on-one for several weeks to toughen him up and give him an advantage over the other students. But these secret training sessions held outside of the academy walls were considered illegal by the High Council, and so, in order to keep his son quiet, Imir threatened him with physical harm.

When the late season finally rolled in, Kenon attended orientation. It was here that he met and befriended a female called Jhiral Alume, who would become his designated training partner and lifelong friend.

Kenon soon became a threat to his classmates and a target for harassment after having maintained the highest rank on the leaderboards for six consecutive years, always remaining just two ranks ahead of his female companion, Jhiral. Without any regard to his obvious talent in combat, the other trainees would frequently take stabs at his self-esteem, calling him "pathetic" and "weak" because of his unique condition, which only added to the anxiety he suffered as a result of the physical and mental abuse he received from his father at home. After twenty years of training in the academy, Kenon finally graduated at the top of his class several months ahead of the other students.


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