Lance M. Knoble
Lance Knoble - Portrait
Biographical Information
Homeworld Anahk
Region Masahi City, Kadhimiya
Born 2395
Species Human
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Physical Information
Height 6'1"
Weight 189lbs
Eye Color Green
Political and Combat Information
Affiliation United Nations Planetary Defense, Alpha Team
Rank First Lieutenant, Alpha One
Equipment • NG-M8B Pistols

• NG-M5C Assault Rifle

• Combat Knife

• NG15 Fragmentation Grenade

• Standard Military Uniform

• UNPD Nanotech Battle Suit

Lance Malcolm Knoble is a highly decorated First Lieutenant of the United Nations Planetary Defense and the leader of Alpha Team. With over seventeen years of service, he has earned every major service medal. Knoble and his team have become widely known throughout the forces for their outstanding mission success rate and their inspiring cooperation.

Family & RelationshipEdit


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  • The Calypsis Project #1 (First Appearance)
  • The Calypsis Project: Origins - Tales from the TCP Universe
    • Arrival