Levian 'Nher
Biographical Information
Homeworld Thei'Legh
Region Alqui, Oe'Nhervon
Born 2362
Species Leh'kin
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Physical Information
Height 9'4"
Weight 378lbs
Eye Color Violet
Political and Combat Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Oe'Nhervon, Drocain Royal Empire, later United Nations Planetary Defense
Rank Ship Commander / Fleet Commander
Equipment • Energy Blades

• Repeater

• Crytal Rifle

• Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade

• Hardened Crytal Grenade

• Drocain Ship Commander Grade Leh’kin Combat Harness

Levian ‘Nher is a warrior of the Drocain Royal Empire and the heir to the throne of Oe’Nhervon. He is best known for his commanding role of the Drocain assault carrier Legacy of Night. Levian’s leadership and combat expertise earned him his place amongst some of the finest warriors in the Empire.

Family & RelationshipEdit

  • Mother: Orlyn (Versi) 'Nher
  • Father: Amalan 'Nher
  • Spouse: Vahn Ejon
  • Children: Lenque 'Nher and Cyra 'Nher


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  • The Calypsis Project I (First Appearance)
  • The Calypsis Project III: Rebirth
  • The Calypsis Project: Origins - Tales from the TCP Universe
    • Title TBA