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Welcome to the official wiki page for The Calypsis Project! This is where you will find all information pertaining to the TCP universe - from characters to worlds and everything in between. Always remember to view pages with caution if you have not yet read the book(s), as this wiki contains many spoilers.

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What is The Calypsis Project?Edit

The Calypsis Project is an expansive fictional universe contained within a series of science fiction novels, the first of which takes place midway through the 25th century in the midst of a galactic war waged between the United Nations Planetary Defense and the Drocain Royal Empire. Told from both human and alien points of view, the story follows an unlikely team as they embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the planet Calypsis.

Book #1 is currently available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats. Go check it out!

Where Can I Follow The Calypsis Project?Edit

Twitter - for author ramblings, minor updates, and things of the like

Facebook - for updates on current and future stories and longer ramblings about writing, characters, etc

DeviantART - for official artwork by the author featuring characters and creatures from The Calypsis Project universe.